Concrete Clocks


HAKEN in Hebrew is “the nest”, the home we create for ourselves, for our families and loved once.

HAKEN, A workshop that create handmade products, one by one, that are both practical and decorative items for homes. By using basic familiar raw materials and implement them for unusual purposes.

The using of the plain materials, without covering and concealment, bring the material simplicity in one hand, and on the other hand take the material out of his context by use him as functional and aesthetic element.

The workshop is located in Rosh-Pina, a mountainous village in the upper galilee, far from the crowded busy urban atmosphere. A place that provide the perfect location to create and to digest from local and far inspiration sources, from the galilee, the country and the world, from the reality and virtual milieu. To collect materials from nearby or from other places and merge them into an elements.

I was always a free spirit, drawn to freedom and rebelled authority. Always following my core values logic, autodidactive, kindness, physical strength, optimism and joy.

I have the privilege to share my life with the love of my life and a warm happy family. When our kids were young, (we have two sets of twins) I enjoyed building them swings, tree houses and furniture. Today I have decided to use my love for creation, my autodidactive abilities and my experience in order to invent and design, develop and create practical and unique objects that everyone can pad their own nest with.

I invite you to my nest, to know and to love my works that create from curiosity, passion for details and aesthetics. To share the simple life pleasures…